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dvvy enables Splunk chargeback by tracking key dimensions of usage and displaying charges by cost center, group, and data source.

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Cost Centers

Cost centers may be associated with data sources in dvvy. This allows Splunk charges to be categorized and reported according to your existing accounting practices.


Every data source in dvvy is associated with a group. Groups mirror your organization structure and can have independent license, storage, and indexer pricing.

Data Sources

All chargeback calculations are based on metrics associated with your indexes and source types. You can report across all data or drill down to a specific source type to determine the chargeback impact.

App Features

Splunk Native

100% Splunk without a reliance on external software.

No External DB

Data resides in summary indexes and the KV store.

Options Driven

App configuration tailors user experience and app behavior.

No License Impact

App operation doesn't result in license usage.

Organizational Context

Define groups for more meaningful reporting.

Granular Cost Structure

Set license, storage, and indexer costs by group.

Daily & Monthly Roll-Up

Charges are calculated daily and rolled-up monthly by license, storage, and indexing.

Comprehensive Reporting

Dashboards show usage and charges by group, cost center, and data source.

Resource Entitlements

Report against resource entitlements by group (e.g., the SOC is entitled to 750 GB/day).

Annual License

  • Annual term with multi-year discounts
  • Two app instances (prod + dev)
  • Software updates & support

Perpetual License

  • One-time license fee
  • Two app Instances (prod + dev)
  • 1 Week of Remote Installation Support
  • Software updates for life of product

Trial License

  • No cost or obligation
  • App fully-functional for 30 days
  • Access to support

Customer Advisory Group

Share your experiences and feedback to shape new features, functionality, and overall product direction. Space is limited.

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  • Extended dvvy license to pilot in your environment
  • Remote installation and configuration support
  • Shape the product roadmap


  • Splunk deployed with 500 GB+ license
  • Need or interest in implementing a chargeback program
  • Willingness to share your great ideas and lessons learned